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Acceptible Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

By using this site, you agree to the following terms:

  1. This Acceptable Use policy may be changed in the future. The current policy will always be available on the Christianity Ink website.
  2. Individual users are welcome to use Christianity Ink to find resources on the Internet through our collection of links including the Christianity Ink Blog Roll. Christianity Ink strives to be “a communicator for the field of genealogy to a new generation” and much time, thought and effort has gone into locating and curating the best resources.
  3. Any site may link to Christianity Ink homepage or any other Christianity Ink page. “Deep linking” is perfectly acceptable.
  4. “Framing” or other mechanisms which display Christianity Ink content but obscure Christianity Ink being the source of such content are not permitted.
  5. Except as otherwise noted in this policy, the content of this site may not be copied, “spidered”, bulk downloaded, or otherwise used to create content or value as part of any other product or service. This applies to non-profit as well as commercial use.
  6. Freely accessible general-purpose search engines not specifically targeting our user communities may spider and index any and all pages on this site. This exception applies, for example, to Google and other search engines that regularly index sites such as Christianity Ink.
  7. No one person or company may copy more than 50 links, regardless of how many Websites they operate, without explicit permission from: Christianity Ink
  8. Written permission may be granted in other circumstances. Contact Us at Positive Army  to secure such permission.
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