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Are We Too Holy to Rock Out?

Does Christian Rock Have A Place In The Church?

Let’s talk about rock! I have to admit that this article has completely changed over a couple of hours time. When I chose to write this article it was because I wanted to not talk about Christian Rap but not get into this discussion. But earlier as I sat down to write this article I don’t know if it was because of a lack of knowledge or if it was simply because I was super tired but i found myself wanting to get lazy. I wanted to share other’s thoughts. But my journalistic spirit would not allow that and more importantly God would not!

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What Do I Know About Christian Rock?

Very little If I have to be honest. I never had the chance to get into it. I grew up in an area where Gospel music was the staple of the Christian community. As I came to the Lord and began to get a little revolutionary I listened to Christian Rap, and you can read about my views on that from last week’s article here. But I never listened to much Christian Rap.

My Introduction To Rock as a Whole.

After I rebelled from the House of God as a teen I began to seek out many religions. I fell into Wicca and Paganism super fast because of a love of role-playing games and taking power in my hands. That journey began to see me get away from hood folks and more around the rock crowd. Vampirism and games like Vampire the Masquerade further fueled an attraction to rock as the VtM Soundtrack put out by the publisher was metal or rock, mattering how you use those terms.

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Be Not In League with Demons

My time listening to SECULAR rock was some of the darkest times of my life. Not so much the games (which were very dark) but the alcoholism, parties, strippers, I mean the things got worse and worse. So when I came back to God, I did not listen to any Christian rock. I did not want to leave myself open for the devil. But even listening to Christian rap it’s clear there is much in it that is demonic and can lead folks back to regular rap. I look at Pyrexxx the rapper who left the church and is back smoking weed and doing worldly rap.

Does It Have a Place? Rock in the Church?

YES! I believe that we as Christians in Corinthians have been given imperative in judging ourselves and the House of God. So LISTEN to the Lyrics. Any music that calls itself Christian or church is not that. Stop believing the hype and open your ears. If it praises Christ, teaches no error and uplifts him and hopefully has a gospel message that rap is good and should be listened to! If not then stay away, simple!

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