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Racist white liberals and profiteering black bigots

White liberals are bigoted racists. They are arrogant, self-absorbed and too dumb to blow their own nose, but these pollutants fancy themselves the saviors of the “nigras,” as Jimmy Carter called black Americans when boasting about how good “his mah-ma” treated them.

I was recently reminded of just how self-important white liberal racists believe themselves to be. Cleaning up some areas on my computer, I discovered perhaps 30 emails from Robert Berger in my spam folder. Berger is one of the vilest reprobate and racist white liberals I have personally ever come in contact with. Believe me, I’m not exaggerating when I say that.

I informed him more than a year ago, it became necessary for me to block his emails because I was tired of his petulant and puerile name-calling and attempts to insult me by using racial slurs and ad hominem attacks based upon color of skin and my being a Christian. Opening my spam folder, I found that this bigoted liberal believed himself not only to be my “master” but he apparently failed to grasp the meaning of my communicating that all contact from him would be blocked. Berger and white racist liberals like him are not alone. They are enjoined by black racists, who are no less offensive and also bound for hell as their eternal resting place.

Take for example Jemele Hill, the former ESPN program host who was fired because her extremism had become an embarrassment to the liberal network. Now she’s employed by a magazine, which will use her racist hatred for all things white, except the hand that signs her paycheck. Before long the magazine will tire of her and pay her to go away or release her outright because her toxicity is hurting their bottom line.

Hill’s latest area of angst is her claim that “white colleges are oppressive places and black athletes should get out.” How sad for her. As is the case with her kind she insists that blacks do as she says, not as she did/does, which makes her the female version in black-face of Robert Berger. And her elitism is just as obvious as Berger’s.

Hill claims that black athletes attending white schools are depriving Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) of hundreds of millions generated by blacks punting, passing, running, hitting and shooting (often literally) at “white” schools.

Hill graduated from Michigan State, a school where she profited from the so-called exploited black athlete. Consistent with her kind, it’s OK for her to exploit black achievement as long as she gets to blame the white man as being guilty of unfair usufruct of athleticism.

Of course, Hill included the requisite example: “Blacks are intimidated by all those white folks” at the white schools. She supposedly quoted basketball player Davon Dillard, who told her he was able to let his “guard down a little bit” after attending an HBCU.

I’m not going to assent to destroy Hill’s argument point by point; I’m an adult male, and she is a spoiled child worthy only of scorn. But suffice it to say this: Dr. Martin Luther King was not a proponent of the Angela Davis school of politics. Hill is about creating animus and antipathy where none exists. Dr. King believed in inclusion not self-inflicted segregation that devalued the beatings and fire hoses he had endured for those like Hill to now regress into self-segregation. Dr. King never preached or spoke in favor of such self-limiting pursuits.

But then neither did Dr. King advocate the heretical doctrines an Alabama make-believe preacher named Michael Jordan does either. You will remember Jordan, the so-called pastor of the New Era Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

Using the tools most familiar to all those of his postural persuasion, Jordan summoned forth baneful commonality by using his church marquee to post: “A black vote for Trump is mental illness” on one side and “A white vote for Trump is pure racism” on the other side. When challenged he doubled-down by blaming God, saying, “God motivates me to take a stand for what’s right. Read the Bible; if they call me a racist, look in the White House. When you support Donald Trump, you support institutionalized racism.” (See: “Black Clergy Hatred,”, Sept. 4, 2019.)

I have and do read my Bible; I’ve also looked in the White House; I can tell you that I’ve seen not one sign that said: “Black folks need to stay out of white churches,” but I found just such wording on the marquee of Jordan’s church. I also found that Jordan used his church marquee to post the jeremiad that “White folks refuse to be our neighbors.” Can you realistically blame any sane person for refusing to be neighbors with such a hate monger?

My point is that Robert Berger, Jemele Hill and Pastor (cough-cough) Jordan are the problems not the solutions. They are the viscous substance used to lubricate the wheels of division and skin-color discord.

What they fail to realize is that while there are those who foolishly adhere to the hatred these malevolents espouse, America by far and large has moved on and is moving on. Many blacks are coming to the realization that its not the white man holding them back; it’s the absence of proper preparation, willingness to fail before succeeding, absence of goal setting and listening to those referenced here.

Much of America has become immune to the name-calling and false accusations that white people are out to get you. You won’t hear that on the evening news because it shatters the narrative Berger, Hill, Jordan et al. want you to believe.


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