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Is Christian Rap Too Worldly For The Church?

My History with Christian Rap

I came to the Lord around the age of eight or nine. This was the time of the advent of Christian rap. In church on the sabbath, it was tough to get into gospel music. I was made the youth pastor young and at least I had folks like Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond to draw from. That song stomp is STILL a favorite to this day! But I still felt I had no Kriss Kross or Vanilla or Dr. Dre that represented me, and then my world was opened!

The Love Affair i Have With Christian Rap

DC Talk and Carmen were the first Christian rappers I ever heard and while gimicky to me, they still were somewhat decent. They were “white” rappers and while I loved them they still were no competition to the songs that played on my block every day. Then I heard T-Bone and knew that there was more coming. Christian Rap has NEVER let me down! I even rapped in the beginning. I tried to check out if I had any videos of us flowing. I may have something of me fifteen years plus ago that may be at the end.

Christian Rap now!

The industry has changed so much that I’ve been amazed. I think that as hip hop in the world changes its sound it’s mirrored in the church. The advent of Trap Christian Hip Hop reigning now I feel is too far from the church. Even rappers that I loved like Pyrexxx has returned to the world and sounds almost virtually the same. Mumble rap in the church does not communicate a message of salvation or grace and sadly not even one of praise. What are we doing?

Does the End’s Justify the Means

The problems that I’m stuck at is are we still trying to preach the gospel to a lost world. Praise is also one of the missions of the church. The thing I’m so saddened by is the fact that it seems we have lost this fact. Am I the only one? One of my favorite rappers with songs like Come Home and Time Go was Sevin. He still is a favorite, but then I hear songs like Luv my Niggaz and wonder if we’ve come too far away? In my podcast this Wednesday we talk all this and more! I hope you will join us!


I promised a funny video of me and some “Christian” rappers i performed with playing around and so here ya go! And check out last week’s article on Generals of the Faith!

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