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Modern Heroes of the Faith

Today I wanted to talk about some of the modern day heroes I feel are making amazing strides for God! I am a firm believer that the Body of Christ is headed for the last great revival. Jesus is coming back soon for his bride, but first he is getting ready to both prepare that bride for eternal kingdom and calling those last souls into the church before the end of the age.

Bizzle, Sevin and Wordsmith

Christian Rap to me is so amazing! However, I notice some Christian Rappers are not living Christian lives. These three men, Bizzle, Sevin and Wordsmith I feel are authentic in their walks with the savior. Rap can reach this generation for Christ! Even in the world music tastes change dramatically over time and so I personally do not feel Christian rap is strong, what do you think?

Marcus Rogers as Holy Hero

I LOVE YouTube. No I’m not there for the horrible music of the world but for the amazing teachings from various preachers. One that I love on Youtube is Marcus Rogers. I love his heart and how transparent he is. In the church we often want to hide our sins and issues. He was honest about his time in the military, ex relationships, etc. I can’t wait to see his fruit, the Firehouse church comes to pass!

Hakeem Collins a Young Hero

I was getting ready to do this section on Jennifer LeClaire, who is an AMAZING word of God! And she is most definitely one of my heroes of this age. However I felt in my spirit that I should write about Hakeem. I’ve been reading his book on Prophetic Breakthrough and as of this publish date I am in day 34 out of 90 days. This book is amazing because not only are there VERY powerful verses, but because it invites us into prayer and communion with the Lord. I find him and his brother as Heroes because of their youth. Being a part of the millennial crowd many of us believe that God won’t use us until we are old. These twins dash that falsehood against the stones!


One of the things I love about God is the fact that what God is doing for all of these great men of God is accessible to any believer on the earth. God is waiting for a generation that will rise and take kingdom possession in the earth! Are you ready to become the modern hero?

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