The Thing That Refreshes My Soul Title

The Things That Refreshes My Soul

With a world in trouble, we all need things that refreshes us!

Sometimes in my life, I get very busy due to running my own business. I try to spend time with my wife and family and serve others as much as I can. But all of these factors can bog down anyone. So this article gives some ideas of things I like to do that refreshes my soul! We are also giving away a tablet this coming month, and you definitely should get in on the action! Click here to enter the raffle free today!

Being Present Refreshes My Soul

Have you ever been places with friends and all of you are busy tapping away things on phones, tablets, and other electronic devices? We may think that we’re being social, but we really are disconnected. I love hanging out with friends, whether that’s sitting around chatting or eating, etc. When I am present I feel so much better, I feel that I find true rest and relax. But I also have to be careful who I trust with those private moments.

Cooking Refreshes My Soul

I love to cook, I did attend Job Corps and graduated from the Culinary Arts School. Yes, your boy is a chef! When I’m cooking I feel free and relaxed. I savor the smells and textures of food. I LOVE to cook for others and it makes me truly happy when I see friends eating my food and paying me compliments. Having had heart issues I’ve begun to focus on eating more plant-based food. Super excited to try new recipes and finding healthier things to consume.

Second Life Sometimes Refreshes My Soul

The last activity that I love is a video game on the PC. The game is called Second Life and playing it is just how it sounds. You make an avatar and you can do whatever you want with that avatar. You can do things from flying planes, riding motorcycles, owning businesses and more. I love Second Life as I try to represent Jesus Christ by volunteering in a virtual church and also running a Christian motorcycle club. I used to DJ but there are few opportunities out there for someone who likes to play clean music only.

What do you like to do that refreshes your soul? Let us know below!

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