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A Letter To My New Christian Self

What I Hope To Accomplish Today

When I saw this a blogging prompt I knew that I wanted to make this article. I want to share a few lessons I learned when I was outside the safety of being in Christ. I do not want a soul to make those same mistakes. I am so appreciative that I can be a blessing to others and teach things through my life experience. To learn more about my story you can find my book on Amazon here.

Dear Kenny’s New Christian Self

You have spent many years as a member of a false religion. You depended upon this cult for peace and solace when trouble brewed. Do you not have faith in the living Christ? Remember that not only are you loved of God and his son, but you are also his friend. He has plans for you, plans he created before this world was framed.

Rebuild The Bridges As Your New Christian Self

You destroyed many bridges when you became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You have had to live alone and solace existence because you chose to throw those relationships away. Trust in God, believe that those who genuinely care about you are present and strong for you. Bridges take time to be rebuilt, allow the process to happen and learn along the way.

You Know What To Do:

The Lord has placed a calling on your life. This calling you have known since your childhood. God is now making the call even clearer as you discover your talents and skills given to you for the sake of the kingdom. Use those gifts and run the race for the rest of your days. Use your talent to bless and edify the body of Christ and to call sinners to repentance.

Forgive Your Old Man! Be Your New Christian Self:

I have been a liar, a cheat, a deceiver and worker of all sorts of false works. The greatest news of your life has been that Jesus paid for it all. You are not excused to continue in sin! You are admonished to follow Christ and be a disciple of his (John 8:31-32). You are to live for him, but you are also to remember that you are a new creature. The old you has passed away!

Transformation in Christ

Throughout the letter, Paul affirms that followers of Jesus experience transformation and receive new identities. They have been adopted into the family of God (1:5) and have obtained an inheritance (1:11). They have crossed from death to life (2:5) and have been brought near to God through Christ (2:13). As Arnold notes, “at the heart of this letter is the message that believers possess an entirely new identity by virtue of their relationship to Jesus Christ” (Arnold, Ephesians, 498). They are now saints and citizens of God’s household (2:19), and are invited to put off the “old self” (4:22) and put on the “new self” (4:24).

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