Binding the Injured Title

Binding the Injured

I will seek the lost, and I will bring back the strayed, and I will bind up (binding) the injured, and I will strengthen the weak, and the fat and the strong I will destroy. I will feed them in justice.

Ezekiel 34:16 (ESV)

When I think about lost and injured sheep the word binding does not come to mind. Being in the hospital for the past twenty-four hours facing a situation that may leave me wheelchair bound for the rest of my life is a shock to my system. When I first got here I knew I had a serious medical issue but I did not think it was this serious. Twenty four hours plus in and It sounds like I may be permanently disabled.

Like the Injured Sheep, I needed to be bound.

As a young man, I ran away from God. I claimed I loved him and was following him right in a cult situation, but I was so lost, I thought I was still good. God had sent so many times people like my aunt and uncle to my rescue, to show me the right way to go. But like the hardheaded son who took his inheritance I did not learn, I became a prodigal to God.

God Gave Me Many Chances!

Even though I would run and run and run from God, he was so mighty and so faithful to me. I remember when I died three times several years ago from heart issues, I prayed and begged God not to kill me. He sent people to pray for me, but just like they came to pray, Satan sent his minions as well. Now the people who Satan sent were not evil persons, and they came for good reasons. But as I was they were deceived, people.

Why Don’t we Learn?

Over and over God has sent persons to show me my sin. Time and time again I would doubt them, or I would doubt that he was sending me a message and more. But because of his true and genuine love for me, he kept sending people to me. Returning from being a prodigal is not often easy, I can be dang near impossible.

God gives us second chances and sometimes he binds us.

In life, we sometimes don’t recognize many trials or circumstances as coming from God. And I don’t think they do. However the world is fallen, it’s in control of fallen beings (both demonic and human) and sin has caused illness and death. But sometimes God removes the hedge of protection around us when we are disobedient to get our attention. Sheep that are injured are still animals and sometimes they don’t know what’s good for them. Injured dumb animals can end up hurting themselves far worse. Sometimes I feel dumber than sheep.

God’s Binding

When I have my most serious health issues I feel God calling me to attention. To realize I’ve run too far away from the throne of grace. He is so faithful when this happens because he forgives and heals me! Last time I was serious about the Lord he called me to ministry as a child, and I thought that calling was gone because of my dumb behavior. But God still loves me. His binding is not punitive, it is for my benefit. His binding is not punishment but a blessing in disguise.

Count Your Blessings! Binding can be a blessing!

I heard more of the story of a great general in the gospel. Kathryn Kuhlman had made a serious mistake which placed her in a “wilderness” like area. I had heard of her but did not know much about her life. I felt called this week to find out more about her.

So I went to youtube which had this awesome film on her life. Even though she made a grave mistake God forgave her, restored her and she realized her calling. That gave me so much hope, that even though I had done many evil things, God still cared for me and still had work for me to do.

This path is not easy right now! I may be facing a wheelchair from now until my casket drops or the trump of God blows and I go to meet Jesus. But even though I may be sick (and GOD IS ABLE TO HEAL) and even if he never heals me, he will get what’s left of my life and that is certain! God bless you guys, sorry for taking so long to come back to my path. God bless you and keep you! If you need prayer send your request to we will keep your request private and we will lift you up in prayer. And if you don’t know Jesus I invite you to watch this film by Ms. Kulhman it may change your life! God bless you! Check out our last article!

The Ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman

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