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My Three Favorite Celebrity Preachers

Don’t we all love celebrity preachers? (Sorry I’m Sarcastic) In the body of Christ, we sometimes look up to people who are involved in ministry. There are many preachers who are on television that preach on a variety of things. Some television preachers are great but many are just being hirelings for filthy lucre. However, I do believe that some of the really good ones don’t get as much shine as some of the more flamboyant folks.

The Substance of the Message of Celebrity Preachers

There are many who preach the prosperity gospel. I am a believer that God does want us to prosper, but some of these preachers almost preach downright heresy masking it as a Christian message. My favorite three preachers on Television may not be the best in every area of their lives. I don’t know them outside of watching them on TV, and I believe very few things I hear on the media. If there is no substance to the message then I usually tune off.

Bishop Clarence McClendon

This is one of my favorite television preachers from my youth. I like his broadcast because I feel that while he preaches the prosperity message, that is not the end of his message. I loved the TV show Preachers of LA and while I thought most of the preachers on there put black eyes on the body of Christ, him and Jay Haizlip seemed to me the most authentic on the show.

Canton Jones

One of my favorite songs I can play over and over on repeat is I Can’t Help It by Canton Jones. I became aware of him as a teen, listening to his Christian rap. I and my wife danced to Holy Ghost Girl at our wedding reception. I love Christian rap! But I usually just appreciate Christian musicians but not seriously follow them. This changed when I saw him on Preachers of Atlanta. While I liked Bishop Hambrick, and Real Talk Kim, Canton was the only one who showed holiness on the entire television show. That elevated him from just a musician to a Christian leader I should pay attention to.

Jesse Duplantis

Now, this last person has come under lots of fire. He has asked his parishioners for a jet. I do not believe any preacher needs a jet. What can he do on a jet that he can’t do on a regular commuter plane? Even if he rode first class it would be a more efficient use of ministry resources than a challenger private jet. However I have followed him for years, and I do appreciate some of the thing’s he used to teach. Not sure I love who he has become or that I support his demands for a new jet, but there are some nuggets of helpful information in his earlier works!

In Conclusion

Super ecstatic about this series this month. Next week I hope to interview one of the men who has been a pastor to me in my life, then on the third Monday I will talk about my Three Favorite YouTube preachers, and last an associate pastor somewhere who has supported me better than many senior pastors. I hope you will keep looking back at each of these articles!

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