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A God Who Rejoices

An Intimate Look

Our God Rejoices! 

“The Lord your God is with you,
the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you;
in his love, he will no longer rebuke you,
but will rejoice over you with singing.”

Zephaniah 3:17 (ESV)

This Mighty Warrior Takes Delight in Me?

Praise the Lord I am so grateful for today. You know life likes to throw challenges at us, but we serve a God who delights in us. As I attended embrace covenant church today I sat and listened as Pastor Te Ana Brown gave her motivational message to the church today. I can’t believe in all the years of my biblical studies that I never read the book of Zephaniah before. This book in the Bible is so cool!

We are what God delight’s in!

I believe that God chose Israel to be his people because as a nation they reflect all of us as human beings. Israel went through some messed up stuff! I always tell people that if they like Jerry Springer or Maury Povich to read the Old Testament. Israel went through some things in their history. These people were given the distinct honor of being God’s people, and they messed it up at every turn. These people would obey God and keep his commandments one minute and the next engage in the worship of false idols from the nations that surrounded them. One minute they would listen to the prophets, judges, and kings that God placed over them and the next they wanted to disobey.

We do not deserve this favor from God!

A God Who Rejoices - Happy Man
We feel joy, an attribute of our Heavenly Father!

Even though Israel was wishy-washy and very tumultuous, God still loved them. In Zephaniah chapter 3 verse 17 talks about first and foremost how God is with us and how he saves! God describes himself as a mighty warrior who saves. Let that sink in a second. The God of the entire universe is willing to go to war for you. Let that sink in, about how important you are to God! When I think about that and makes me glad. Most of my battles I brought upon myself. My own selfishness, my lies, my conniving ways and more are responsible for my own messes! But even though I create my own problems the God of heaven is still with me, and he is still a mighty warrior who saves.

Lessons from someone i consider my Pastor!

A God Who Rejoices Little Girl Rejoicing

But then the next words brought a smile to my face! It says he will take great delight in you and he will no longer rebuke you. And he will rejoice over you with singing. Pastor Evan Brown illustrated furthermore that the king of all glory would sing over us. God does not want us to follow him to lord over us as a cruel taskmaster. His desire is to see us happy and his desire is to see us succeed! What a mighty God we serve! We are so lucky that our God is like that. I think of so many religions in the way people serve their deity. I think of Islam and the way Allah is described. I don’t think people in Islam or other faiths serve a God who calls them a friend. Jesus calls us his friends. Furthermore, I do not believe that other religions serve a God who came and died on the cross for their sins! God is so good! Are you glad that you serve a God who rejoices over us? A God who sings in the heavens over us?

I want a relationship with a father who rejoices over me!

Who would not want to serve a God like that? I get excited when I think about how good God is. I considered it just an honor to serve him without knowing how he sings over me. But now that I read these verses it has given me a new understanding about my Abba father. He rejoices over me and I rejoice in him! We must begin to treat our salvation as a relational experience. God is the God of reconciliation. His whole mission is to reconcile us to himself. He does this because he loves us! God is love! I am so excited about the thought that God sings for me. I would say I can’t wait to meet him, but the truth is as he lives inside me I meet him every day.

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