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Kenneth & Rachel Green Editor in Chief and Photography Editor, C-Ink


Kenneth Green (editor in chief) and Rachel Green (photography editor) of Christianity Ink Magazine

Christianity Ink Media

We don’t want to be like most media outlets. We find in the body of Christ either one is too radical and not based on traditional Christian theology. Or one is too conservative, scared of change and new ways of expressing our love and faith in Jesus. We here at Christianity Ink want to show the world that Christianity is shown in many different ways, as independent as the many believers in Jesus Christ! What you can find on this site is media dedicated to Jesus Christ and his message!

Varied Christians - Christianity Ink Media


Christianity comes in all shapes and sizes!

Christianity Ink hopes to do this by producing a Bi-Monthly Print and Electronic Magazine, a Bi-Weekly Podcast, a Bi-Weekly Vlog, and blogging right here several times a week. 

We have produced our first edition of our magazine and we invite you to download an electric copy of our magazine.

The Ink’s Pages podcast can be found on Soundcloud  (Pre February Broadcasts) and via Blog Talk Radio for things posted February 2019 to the current day! The C-Ink Vlog want’s to share our story of how we write and prepare content for you, but also show you into our real lives and be transparent with you all!

Feel free to send all tips for stories to our contact page! And as always we are looking to develop partnerships with potential advertisers! Your work will help our magazine reach the lost. Feel free to use our contact page to speak to our support team and office staff!

Contact Us


  • 3000 Lawrence St
  • Ste. 37
  • DENVER, CO 80205


You can find us downtown in Denver, Colorado though we operate out of a secured office space, so persons wishing meetings with editors or staff should book appointments ahead of time! God bless you and keep you! Welcome to Christianity Ink! God bless!

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